Eco-Positive Solutions

Proventus Bioscience has developed a series of microbial based solutions for diverse market sectors. Harnessing the power of nature and the understanding of microbial interaction with the environment has led to the development of Eco-Conscious Solutions.

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Science and Beyond

Proventus Bioscience is home to a multidisciplinary team of microbiologists, engineers, chemists and biochemists, tuned in to the biotechnology industry’s needs.

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Sustainable Chemistry

The goal of sustainable chemistry is to improve the efficiency with which natural resources are used to meet human needs for chemical products and services. Sustainable chemistry encompasses the design, manufacturing and use of efficient, effective, safe and more environmentally benign chemical products and processes.

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"Creating an 'Eco-Positive World' through Microbial Diversity and Solutions"

Microbial biotechnology is the application of science and technology to living organisms to alter living and non-living materials for the production of knowledge, goods and services. Microbes are used to produce energy (e.g., biodiesel and bioethanol) and to clean up environmental pollutants such as sewage and oil spills. As the active ingredient in bio fertilizers and bio pesticides, microbes contribute to increasing agricultural productivity, and microbes form the basis of cost-effective methods of wastewater balancing and contaminated soil clean-up, and sustainable chemistry.

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